Lindberg’s Clermont: A Side Project

All right, I will admit to a fair degree of frustration over planking the hull of the Mystery Ship. To keep spirits alive and keep ourselves in the right frame of mind, how about a little side project?

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Build the Keel and Ribs

So, I did a tiny bit of research. This kit is supposed to be the Black Pearl from the Pirates of the Caribbean films. The Zvezda Black Swan is also supposed to the the Black Pearl, but they couldn’t get the licensing from Disney. So, they are both supposed to the be same ship. There. Research done.

Having no instruction with which to build this wooden sailing ship kit, I chose to logically start building the ship from the bottom, with the keel.

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The Mystery Begins

She came to me on Father’s Day, a suprisingly small, amusingly rectangularish, alarmingly plain cardboard box.

Inside lay sheet after sheet of laser-cut parts, a tiny bundle of dowels, a thick pile of heavy sticks, a thin pile of what seemed to be strips of redwood bark, a small bag with a shattered winged angle figurehead, a tangle of thread, and what appeared to be a black handkerchief. 

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